Facultad de Educación y Humanidades de Ceuta

Aneta Sefanova, teacher (Varna - Bulgaria)

I spent a few memorable days in the Ceuta campus of the University of Granada. Ceuta is a jewel at the gate of Africa – a bridge between European culture and the mystic charm of Northern Africa. I think that both local and foreign students have the chance to learn a lot from the diversity they are confronted with in the context of their studies and social lives. I had a very rewarding experience during my lecture with undergraduate students, talking, discussing and sharing opinions about intercultural communication and the ways to use cultural diversity as a wealth to build on rather than a barrier to efficient interaction between people with different cultural backgrounds. I felt that Ceuta was a great place to discuss about cultural diversity and make people aware of the opportunities that this ‘melting pot’ provides for their personal and professional advancement!

I cannot enough thank Juan Miguel Alcántara Pilar for his hospitality and the enthusiasm he showed towards myself and the other visiting lecturers and academic staff from Bulgarian and Romanian universities. Juanmi, as everybody in Ceuta seems to call this respectable professor, was so welcoming and committed to enhancing the cooperation under the Erasmus+ programme! He showed us all round the university and told us interesting facts about the study programmes and lifestyles in Ceuta. Organising such an international week is a very good way to meet partners in the Erasmus + and a wide platform for sharing good practices and plans for future cooperation between students and lecturers from the partner university.

I would like to invite colleagues and students from Ceuta to the Varna University of Economics and would gladly welcome them in my home city. On my part, I will always keep Ceuta and the wonderful people I met there in my heart!

Aneta SefanovaAneta SefanovaAneta SefanovaAneta Sefanova