Facultad de Educación y Humanidades de Ceuta

Martin; Erasmus Ceuta - Bulgaria(Sofía)

In Ceuta probably you won’t have the typical Erasmus experience with a hundred Erasmus students in the university but what you will have is some really close Erasmus friends and you will meet many more from Ceuta itself. You will have the chance to really get to know the other exchange students and learn from them and their stories. Let’s not forget what you can learn from the people who actually live in Ceuta and who will be your classmates. I had a really good time living and studying there for the second semester of my 3rd year in the university. I had the chance to visit Morocco which I suggest you to do as well when you come here. As Ceuta is next to this other country and completely different culture it is a place where you should definitely travel. I am almost certain that probably you haven’t seen anything like Morocco so far in your life. I am really grateful for the friends I met in Ceuta especially the ones I spent most of my time with. Most of the time I was going to the gym and playing basketball but some of the weekends I was going out and meeting some random people which was a lot of fun. The last two months when the weather got warmer the other Erasmus students and I went more often to the beach which I really appreciated because I live in Sofia and we don’t have a beach there.  I also had the chance to go to “Parque Maritimo” which was one of my favorite places and is a must to go there and spend the whole day. As a whole, I had a really great and enriching experience in Ceuta and I hope I will keep in touch with all the friends I made there.