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Venko Lazarov - Varna (Bulgaria)

My name is Venko Lazarov Lazarov and I’m from Bulgaria. One day, during the prime semester of the bachelor and I’ve decided to participate in ERASMUS+ program. I’m student of Varna Economy University so I checked the ERASMUS partners list of my university and I selected Universidad de Granada. I was thinking that I shall study in Granada, Spain, but soon I understood that the partnership contract is between Varna Economy University and Universidad de Granada Campus de Ceuta, located in Ceuta, Spain, Spanish territory in Africa.

At the beginning that was a big surprise for me, because I’ve never been in Africa before, but full of courage I’ve been ready to go there, out of mine home town even out of mine home continent. I applied the documents and I sent them to the ERASMUS+ candidate program. In few weeks Universidad de Granada Campus de Ceuta accepted me and I start the preparation for the biggest journey of my life.

The 17th of September I arrived in Ceuta, and I’m really thankful to my Spanish coordinator Juan Miguel Alcántara Pilar and to my ERASMUS buddy Miguel Angel Rios. Both of them help me a lot to become a free Ceuta citizen and show me how great Ceuta is.

During the ERASMUS mobility I visited a lot of amazing places in Spain and Morocco and I had a lot of party night with a lot of funny and impressive people. Of course that doesn’t mean that I didn’t study anything, the opposite I used to visit all of my classes and I’m glad that I have the opportunity to be a student of Universidad de Granada, a Spanish university with more than 4 centuries of experience.

I remember the day when I was invited to a wedding in Tangier, Morocco and for sure this was the best wedding I’ve ever seen in my life. After all the Muslim rituals that they’ve done I’ve changed my mind about the Muslim religion and the people, who follow it, I was completely impressed.

I’ve celebrated all the holydays (Christmas, New Year, Eastern) in such a wonderful city like Ceuta and I can honestly manifest that all the celebrations there are spectacular, so if have the chance to visit this place one more time I will do it for sure. 

I think that Ceuta is the gate, this is the place that allows you to travel freely in Europe and Africa, so if you’re thinking that you are an open minded person this is the place that you have to visit.

Venko LazarovVenko LazarovVenko LazarovVenko LazarovVenko Lazarov